Italian Beauty for The Holiday Season

Italian Beauty for The Holiday Season

With the festive season closing in and people’s minds turning to gifts, the team at Beauty made in Italy have come up trumps with their latest selection which will see you through the party season and beyond.

This month, Jusbox launched their newest fragrance, Golden Serenade. Dedicated to the first gold record, Golden Serenade features notes of saffron, clove bud, patchouli, oud, and vanilla. Celebrating that romantic and enchanting moment where the perfect night meets love, Golden Serenade is the ultimate gift to give and receive! Retail price: $320. Available now at

Soft and silky lips are always in style. Acca Kappa's new Bio Lip Balm is a nurturing and softening treatment your lips will love. Made from a rich composition of vegetable oils and butters known for their nourishing and soothing properties. Retail price: $14. Available now at

Perlier has encapsulated the most precious ingredients and scents to create 17 super nourishing and moisturizing hand creams for beautiful hands. This 17 Piece Hand Cream Set includes 16 travel hand creams (30ml) and one full-size Honey Miel Anti-Aging Hand Cream (100ml). Retail price: $100. Available now at

Give the gift of perfect skin with Ripar's RiparCover Cream and RiparCover Setting Powder. Available in 24 shades, RiparCover Cream completely hides the appearance of blemishes, rosacea and even tattoos. Combine with their RiparCover Setting Powder for 16 hours of staying power. Retail price: RiparCover Cream $49 and RiparCover Setting Powder: $37. Available now at

To learn more about the Beauty made in Italy program click here.

Alayaka Christmas Shop

With Christmas just around and people’s minds on the festive season, Alayaka has opened its Christmas shop with a wide range of new, beautiful products from stocking fillers to luxury items. This virtual beauty and lifestyle department store is a must-see for anyone who is looking for something extra special this year for themselves or a loved one. With a huge amount of options available from the Christmas shop that will suit both men and women, ranging from candles to skincare there will be something to suit everyone’s taste.

Standing out (for me) in the Christmas shop is the beautiful and luxurious advent calendar. With a total of 24 indulgent gifts, the Alayaka advent calendar is perfect for someone who loves their beauty treatments and would love the idea of a little gift each day to indulge their beauty and open the door to new products.

Amongst the 24 items for 2019’s Christmas Advent Calendar are:

  • MZ Skin Hydra-Lift Golden Facial Treatment Mask 1 piece

  • The Beauty Chef Collagen Inner Beauty Boost 100 ml

  • Max&Me The Intuitive Facial Mist 30 ml

  • Lilfox Prickly Pear Beauty Nectar Sample 2 ml

  • Rahua Mini Omega 9 Hair Mask 22 ml

  • Indie Lee Travel Purifying Face Wash 15 ml

  • Kjaer Weis Highlighter ‘Ravishing’ Deluxe Sample

  • Lilah b Mini Lovingly Lip ‘b. elegant’

  • Nuori Mini Supreme Moisture Mask 5 ml

This is just a small selection of what is in the calendar and with so much more available this is a perfect time to start your Christmas shop or just to stock up for the holiday season. check the makeup range, you will love the selection and with Christmas parties and all the other associated gatherings you can pick up a new palette or three for your makeup collection…..

To learn more or purchase from Alayaka see:

Alayaka Website.

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A Dark Twist To Our Story

a dark twist

While I appreciate the Lost Stories and Lost project have become a beauty, art and lifestyle blog there is still that little darker twist to the story that I am still really proud of and has been instrumental in the changes that are to come.

For many years I have been talking about moving into film and TV production under my own banner, taking that initiative and adding in different elements to the business and looking at the possibilities of relocating which have been for a while now been on hold due to family commitments and financial constraints.

We, as a team, are slowly ending that and will be doing a little more research that will lead us to the end of the year and give us the flexibility and freedom to do the work we want. Our clients are very important to us and always will be this is just a way for us to create something fresh that will showcase them in a new light.

As a beauty blog, we have some amazing brands on our side (such as Brushwork cosmetics, with promo code Jamesc get 10% off your order, and Colorpop) along with PR agents who provide us with the latest information and its enjoyable to work with them it allows room to pick and choose what is written about.

What we are planning to do long term, is take all that support, funnel this into what will be the commercial side of the business The Lost Creatives, where we will showcase the new work giving exclusive behind the scenes images, videos, and blogs about the work we are doing.

The focus will be on horror and thriller projects and we have already set up a partnership with HOD TV with a long term view to sales. It is exciting and takes us down a different path that yes is splitting the work but in the most positive manner, we can find that will give us flexibility and a clearly defined set of goals for the future.

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